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muslim astrologer
muslim astrologer

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Astrology is not an illusion but a specific branch of Science to study upon the planetary positions and their effects on human(s) life. There are various branches of Indian astrology such as Vedic Astrology, Tantra astrology, Lal Kitab etc. Astro Indianguru belongs to Tantra astrology and especially deals in Shatkarmas which are Shantikaran, Vashikaran, Uchatan, Videshan, Stambhan and Maran. Maran is dealt only in protective ways only.

Muslim totke

Article Posted on 5 June, 2013
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ALLAH BEECH HATHELI KE MUHAMMAD BEECH KAPAR, USKA NAAM MOHINI, JAGAT MOHE SANSAAR, MOH KARE JO MOR MAAR OOSE BAAYEN BAAR DAAR, JO NA MANE MOHAMMAD PAIGAMBAR KI AAN, US PAR MOHAMMAD MERA RASULULAH– Take the sand of left foot of the lady, whom to control. Make this sand energized chanting this mantra 41 times and anyway throw it on the head of the lady. She will get attracted not to anywhere without you by astrology.

Husband wife relationship

Article Posted on 5 June, 2013
husband wife relationship

A husband wife relationship is the most sweet and romantic relationship in the world. The husband wife relationship exists beyond the caste, religion, country boundaries. A relationship can face some problems because of some worse conditions, worse people which arise some. You can concern him to make your relation once again most sweet.

Get Your Love back By Vashikaran

Article Posted on 5 June, 2013
get your love back by vashikaran

Astrology is nothing other than mathematical calculations regarding one's time factor in his/her life. A human passes through various equations of time throughout his/her life. Sometimes when the most critical and unbearable situations let one go towards irreparable losses and damages, he/she needs a real and true Guru.any one wants to get your love back by vashikaran ,we can helps to you.

Inter Caste Marriage

Article Posted on 5 June, 2013
inter caste marriage

Some time it happens that there come some problems in a relation and this is happen if the inter caste marriage exist because of attraction or because of lust or in short we can say that if it is not true Or some time it exist due to some uncertain condition, some uncertain people in life.

Vashikaran mantra

Article Posted on 5 June, 2013
vahikaran mantra

love your boyfriend very much. He loved you too but all of a sudden, he has changed now. He does not pick your calls or reply your messages. He does not want to meet you. Any other female is there who snatched him from you. Gradually, he is going away from you. Now you think what happened to the love or promises, we made to each other. You want to marry him but he is not ready to get married with you.
All such types of problems are solved by casting vashikaran mantra on the target. MOLVIJI cast powerful love-spells[ vashikaran mantra ] on the target on behalf of you.If you want love marriage,we can helps you.

muslim astrologer